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  • Jun 13, 2017

    Raaj Ashtaputre

    Enterprise Architecture – Making it work!

    The discipline of Enterprise Architecture became prominent in most IT-driven organizations over the past decade, especially in healthcare industry where traditional challenges along with modernization have demanded radical transformation in terms of vision and execution strategy. In our opinion, most organizations have come a long way to understand the strategic and operational support enterprise architecture provides, yet there still are huge gaps between its prospects and the reality in delivery. Ironically many of these issues trace to common antipatterns and process challenges.

    In this article, we take a real-world approach to address these gaps using analysis, rationale, and recommendations. We show where architectural initiatives in healthcare (and other) organizations deviate from its intentions, and what it can cost from multiple aspects. We also recommend some high-alert areas across organizations (healthcare and beyond) and recipes to conquer them. In all, we aim to establish guidelines around how to make enterprise architecture programs work and the possibilities it can bring to any organization.

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